After 20 years as New York’s “Godfather of Nightlife “ founder Mark Baker knew it was time for a change and a healthier lifestyle , so In 2010 Mark, along with Marcus Antebi, co founded  the  worlds leading and now legendary juice company ,The JUICE PRESS, in New York City .  As one of the first cold pressed juice company’s in the world , the juice press  pioneered the cold pressed  juice, raw movement,  saw the rapid expansion of cold pressed juice, vital as part of a healthy and active lifestyle .

After moving to Bali , Mark saw the potential to positively affect people’s wellness and lifestyle with the inclusion of raw foods and cold pressed juice and opened Bali’s first cold pressed juice bar “SQUEZZE “ at Townhouse in Seminyak in 2012. As awareness grew and people saw the wonderfully beneficial addition juice made to their diet , mark expanded and opened the Flagship Store Beachgarden In Canggu and Bali’s first CP juice company “IN THE RAW”  ! Since opening ITR has become Bali’s most trusted and reliable ORGANIC COLD PRESSED JUICE COMPANY and expanded into many diverse products  In The Raw is now Indonesia’s premier juice company and the only organic cold-pressed juice in the region. ITR  has more than 40 delicious organic cold-pressed juices ‘Kristal” probiotic kefir , kombucha, coffee lattes and other delicious elixirs to choose from. Served in perfect portion glass bottles, In The Raw also offers a wide selection of custom juice cleanses, healthy snacks, chocolates, cakes and more to support your healthy active lifestyle. Home delivery is also available daily. Welcome to the wonderful world of In The Raw.


Mark and the team have spent 4 years traveling all over Bali to meet, advise and work hand in hand with local farmers to form a network that grows ORGANIC produce exclusively for ITR . “When you’re pressing so much produce to make juice ,it’s vital that there are no pesticides or chemicals involved “ Says mark. “It’s also very important that we support local farmers by teaching them the benefits of growing Organically and help them transport their goods directly to market so that they benefit properly from their efforts and popularity of organic produce.. one of our farmers, Made Budiarta  and Putu is a family business in the Bedugul region that has been farming for  Generations, as a business we have an moral and ethical obligation to share the benefits our combined organic efforts.


In The Raw Bali’s Cold Pressed Juice is the best possible way to extract juice from vegetables, roots, and fruits without deteriorating and altering the valuable enzymes, vitamin and goodness they hold.

By drinking a specific selection of only these juices daily you give your digestive system a well-needed rest and allows your body to heal and focus its energy on other areas.

Other Key Benefits include:

  • Flushing the body of stored toxins and pollutants from stress, pollution, processed foods.alcohol etc
  • Provides essential vitamins, mineral, and enzymes in their purest and most efficient form
  • Helps promote weight loss
  • It resets your digestive system and promotes a healthier attitude to eating habits. Also, resets your mind
  • Gain physical and mental energy
  • Alkalises the body ( healthier than an acidic state that allows diseases to grow)

Our juice fasts are custom made to be enjoyable and not tedious. We offer a wide selection of choices for all palates and the portion sizes are just the right amount to please and not overwhelm ( liters and liters of the same watery juice become monotonous)